SC-headshot-bw2I’ve practiced law, practiced the piano, practiced creative writing and practiced meditation. I practiced with specific goals in mind:- success, mastery, achievement, enlightenment.

Now I practice letting go of goals.

After thirty-plus years practicing family law, including eighteen years on the family court bench in the busiest district in our state, I abruptly ended my law career to focus on a health crisis. After 10 cancer-free years, I found out the cancer was back and I was given a terminal diagnosis.

So I’m letting go of the old idea of writing books. My focus now is on positive, uplifting and inspiring people, ideas and stories. I’m embracing the opportunity to curate a blog that features short pieces I find particularly moving.

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Power of the Small

Most things I do now seem to be very small and very focused.

For example, a year ago I discovered that I enjoy making small, improvisational quilt pieces, usually about 12 by 12 inches . I no longer dream of making gorgeous, handmade memory quilts for my three sons (“dream” being the operative word – I’ve never made a full-size quilt in my life). I don’t intend these improv pieces to be part of a quilt. I don’t need to preplan the color, shapes and fabrics the way you need to when making a large quilt. I make them just for the joy of creating them I love making choices in the moment and seeing what develops. I find great satisfaction in completing them in one day.

Like these small quilt art pieces that will not become a quilt, the small pieces I post here may never become a book, but there is profound joy in creating, completing and then letting them go.

May you find these small pieces worthy of your time and attention.

May they uplift and inspire you.

Or maybe you will simply accompany me as a friend

on this journey without a goal.

— Sue Cochrane



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